I don't…

…plan on watching football this week. I will most likely listen to the Bears game on the radio. AND Go Bears! I am not anti bears. (I remember living here in ’85 and the Superbowl shuffle, “we are the bears, the shuffling crew. Shuffling on down, doing it for you. We’re so bad, we know were good. Blowing your mind like we knew we would!”) I just wanted the Hawks to win last week.

From here on out, it would be swell to see the Bears win the entire thing. Although, I must report that the people of Chicago seem to be a bit cautious. Last year in Seattle, the entire playoff time was insane! Crazy Seahawks fans everywhere. Here, not as much. On Monday there were plenty of people wearing bears hats and shirts and such, but not as much on billboards, signs, advertisements, well just about everywhere like it was Last year back home. I am suprised. Maybe Bears fans are just worried. Like the fact that the Hawks almost won. (people were shocked!) Everyone was predicting a Blowout, but nope.

So maybe if they win Sunday, the insanity will arrive for two weeks. We’ll see.


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