Week 2

I have a bit of a head cold this week (bummer!), but week two is now done. It actually saw me getting a paper done about 4 days ahead of time not counting editing. So my plans of working ahead is working for the time being.

I have another write up to do this weekend, 2 papers to research (one of which I really need to have written by Monday night), and at least 200 pages to read by Sunday night. I think it is doable.

Other than that, I started working on my taxes tonight. Slightly confusing, yet kind of fun. I think I will get a chunk of money back from the Gov which is fantastic because it will go towards paying for my Europe trip. Other than that, I need to get them done so I can do the good ‘ole FAFSA. (remember last year? Fun with FAFSA at 12:07 am on 1-1-06.)

Also, it looks like I have most likely secured a job for this summer. This is a great thing to not have to worry about especially considering the two weeks I will be in Europe as well as having at least one wedding to attend. So, yep, that was nice to have taken care of.

It snowed a bit this week which was kind of nice. After it snowed, it has gotten pretty cold, today it was 18 degrees give or take a few. Well, the high may have been 28 or so, but it was not that warm every time I looked at the temperature.

Well, I best get going on that homework if I want to reach my goals by the end of the weekend.


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