3rd (week) down and

2 (papers) to go. That’s the same two papers from last week. Oops. My head cold last weekend prevented me from being able to think clearly enough to work on the papers. They are due this Tuesday and Wednesday so this weekend is it for getting them done.

The week went well. Fairly uneventful. I find that it is easier these days to speak up in class now that I know most of my classmates. Now that I talk, I just need to work on making my comments more intelligent sounding. By that I mean I need to improve my vocabulary and state my views and questions in a more succinct manner.

I worked on my taxes tonight too. It looks like good news for Debra, so that was encouraging.

It was about 40 degrees out today, which was very pleasant. I briefly considered washing my car. Perhaps tomorrow…although I am supposed to be writing a paper tomorrow…we will see.


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