One biggie done

I just finished my first big paper of the semester. It was for my Biblical Theology class looking at the how Covenant can be seen as holding all of scripture together.

Though I did not “enjoy” actually writing the paper, I find the topic fascinating. Of course it takes me back to my days at NABC when in O.T. Tyler Williams taught us about covenants and the idea that God’s faithfulness is an overarching theme of the Old Testament (well, all of scripture really, but it was an O.T. class). No matter how many times his chosen people turned away from the covenant, God remained(remains) faithful to them always calling them, Us, back to him.

Anyway, It was a privilege to spend an afternoon thinking on such things.

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  1. Just Me

    Debra, Glad you got one of your big papers done. It was exciting to hear you say “it’s a privilege to spend an afternoon thinking on such things.” And you know the joy never deminishes as time goes by. We are so blessed to be His children. Love you!

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