Go Bears!

Ok, I finally decided I will root for the Bears. The plan is to go to a local sports bar (kind of like the Ram) to watch the game with a couple of friends. Should be fun (though not as fun as last year).



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4 responses to “Go Bears!

  1. Deb

    I’ll admit it….I cheated!!!! I hit the refresh button a couple times so that I could see the counter change to 10,000.

  2. Crystal

    I was watching that counter and hoped I could be number 10,000 🙂 but it went too fast…I found out today that I was cheering for the Colts, by proxy only because that is who my brother-in-law was cheering for when he was watching the game. I left before the game finished so I should check if I cheered for the winning team…yep, sweet. Go Colts! Sorry about your Bears though 😦

  3. Crystal

    Hey, Chicago made Edmonton news today. I guess you all are really cold down there…and you know that if Edmonton is reporting on other places being cold it must be serious 🙂

  4. Deb

    It is cold!!!! the other day -30 with windchill. The coldest I experience in edmonton was -20 (although that is F not C and I don’t know what the windchill would have been)That is funny it made Edmonton news. Yesterday my car spun out, I ended up perpendicular to the road. Fortunately it was a one way and there was no one behind me & I did not hit the line of park cars.

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