One month done!?!?!?

I am now one month into the semester. This means my “A” Quad class is half done. This week was definitely a doozie with all three of my night classes having papers due. Now I am a little behind on my reading, but I can catchup.

I was supposed to work on reading all afternoon. Instead I spent time looking for some clothes to wear while watching the Superbowl tomorrow. That took quite a bit of time. Then I spent some time burning cds with music I have purchased over the last few months. Which is sweet because I can finally listen to Oh! Gravity. in my car. That, plus, I have had the same 6 cds playing in the car since I started out on my road trip to move out here. Seriously in need of some new tunes in the car. Now that it is 6 in the evening, I really should go read.

Have fun watching the game!

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