6 days 14 hours

Its that time of year again. What happens in 6 days & 14 hours? Pitchers & Catchers report to spring training!!!! YEAH! Baseball is almost here. I think it is time to dust off my cassette tapes that have my “baseball music.” Perhaps listening to them while drinking some ice tea and eating a handful of sunflower seeds will make it seem a little less like winter.

Go Mariners!!!!!

With baseball right around the corner, It is much easier to deal with:
*a Superbowl in which 1. the Seahawks did not make it into & 2. the next best team (other than Seattle) did not win
*a hockey season where the Oilers still have a shot at the playoffs, (never say die!) but it will be a fight to get there
*a NBA season in which Seattle has recently lost 5 games in a row and the last 15 road games (actually, just checked they won tonight in Indiana, but still…it has been a rough go)


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2 responses to “6 days 14 hours

  1. Sarah

    This post made me miss dorms, particularly when spring training rolls around and you and I got really excited about baseball. That’s awesome. Theoretically, the next time I go home I could park my behind in the stands at Safeco, garlic fries and beer in hand….ahh. Winter? Bah! What’s winter? 😉

  2. Deb

    Count me in on the garlic fries! Next time I get home it will be july…I wonder if the m’s will be playing that week…I remember keeping a running total of how many days until baseball on the message board on my door in Schindler. I also recall sitting in the computer lab first year game casting the playoff games against the yankees. oh the memories.

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