Introducing Precious

In honor of getting my car washed today, I thought I would post a picture of it. No, this picture is not from today. It is actually from my road trip out to Chicago this past August. I really like the photo because it kind of looks like an advertisement for Volkswagen.

It was taken at my Grandparents house shortly after my dad washed it. If you look close, you may notice a few bugs remaining on the bumper. But seriously, the entire front of the car was caked with them, so this is an incredible improvement. I wanted to post the photo a long time ago but I just realized today how I could eliminate my license plate from the picture.

If you are wondering about my car’s name, it is Precious. The name has a two fold meaning. 1. It is precious to me because I worked hard to own it. I want to treat it well and be a good steward of that which has value. 2. It is from the name given to the Ring in Lord of the Rings. A reminder that that which appears to be good can also draw one into darkness. In this case, it is a reminder to me that it is just a car. A (slightly ironic) statement that materialism is to be avoided.



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4 responses to “Introducing Precious

  1. Deb

    ***Reading update! I got another 75 done, so I only have 125 or so left. Whoo Hoo!

  2. Crystal

    My Precious!…everytime I hear that I think about that time we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding at West Ed (shortly after LOTR hit the big screen) and during the previews a huge spinning ring appeared on the screen and Fred T. (in a very realistic Gollum impression) said “My Precious” and then most of the theater laughed (because most of us were from Taylor) and it was really funny. Like I said before VW’s are the hottest cars…especially black ones 🙂

  3. Deb

    Dude I totally remember when Freddie T did that!!!!! It was SO funny.

  4. Mitchell Scott

    VWs are the coolest. My dad and I looked at the new GTIs. They are soo cool.

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