I was just checking out the Mariners website. For three days this week they were working on filming their annual commercials. I LOVE the commercials (although the last few years have not been quite as good as the past). One thing I noticed that seemed perhaps telling…Hargrove has not been asked to be in any commercials. Instead, John Mac is in one. Humm…Perhaps preparing for a possible dismal start and imminent firing? I think 3 years of last place is enough, somethings got to change. I would love to see McLaren as manager. Just a thought…
Some favorites: “That’s a problem” (also known as the clapper) “Norm Norm Charlton” “Fly ball” “Ghost stories”
And a non-m’s one: “light bat”

Any more that you can remember that were pretty funny?

Other than that, I have to admit, it is fun to pick up a newspaper around here and see good old Lou in a cubs jersey. 39 days until Opening day.


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