My Favorite Hockey Player…

…was traded yesterday from the Edmonton Oilers to the NY Islanders. Ryan Smyth. 😦

Very sad. It looks like the Oilers are thinking they are probably out of the playoffs (hence the firesale) but today I wore my Oilers shirt with Pride anyway. We still have a month of hockey to enjoy.

AND THEN 33 days until baseball.


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2 responses to “My Favorite Hockey Player…

  1. mom

    Hey, It is always fun to watch Hockey. Stevie retirement was really something. Baseball is all the talk now. Dad listens to the Hot Stove League and sometimes it seems pretty funny. Now with my long drive, I hear quite a bit as I go to and from work. I am looking forward to baseball too. Mom

  2. Crystal

    All of Edmonton is in shock…it does seem like trading Smyth at this point is giving up on a chance for the playoffs. Edmonton named one of their streets after Mark Messier…I think every street is now named after a hockey player 🙂

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