I couldn't help it…I gave in.

What did I give into? A subscription to Gameday Audio on MLB.com. Now I can listen to Dave & Rick for every single mariners game! AND of course I have already listened to two spring training games.

I figured 15 bucks for an entire summer of Mariners Baseball, Worth it!

MAYBE every once and awhile I will still tune into WGN and hear about how Sweet Lou and the Cubbies are doing.

Hey, I will most likely be in the Seattle area around the third week of July…Any one want to go to a game?


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2 responses to “I couldn't help it…I gave in.

  1. Deb

    For the days I will hopefully be in town the M’s are playing Detriot & Baltimore

  2. Vicky

    I’d love to go! I haven’t gone the last few years. I’d prefer Detroit over Baltimore, but either works for me (it’s baseball, who can complain?!).No idea what July looks like for me, but hopefully we can work it out.Vicky

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