Spring Break update

Well, spring break has been a bit of a bummer. It has been a little boring and I have not gotten as much homework done as I planned. At this point I would be content with finishing the two books I am reading and then writing an 8 page paper on Saturday.

As a treat for myself, I just made (and then quickly consumed) a fantastic meal. Steak and mushrooms. First I made a dry rub (chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper) and put it on the steak. While the steak started to broil, I melted some butter, added salt and then fried up some mushrooms in the butter. The mushrooms, I might add, were not from a can. They were from the produce department, nice and fresh. Then when the steak was done, I sprinkled some gorgonzola cheese on top. YUMMY!!! I think it is the best steak I have made in probably a year.

And now, I am going to listen to the M’s game from earlier today (sweet, they archive the entire game) and do some reading.


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2 responses to “Spring Break update

  1. Crystal

    Debra, you’re cooking skills amaze me. Or should I say your grilling skills…I have yet to make a steak for myself (I hang around with too many vegetarian-type people) but you make it sound so delicious, I’m tempted.

  2. Crystal

    Oh one more thing…..s’mores. Hmmmm, you make good s’mores.

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