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Ok, I have been cutting back on music purchased from itunes, but yesterday, I HAD to get this new cd. Relient k just released a cd “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” It is Fantastic!!!!! if you like Relient k, I completely recommend this cd. It sounds a bit different then some of their older stuff. Most are calling it more “popish” then punk, but either way, it is great. I guess they have two new members so now everyone in the band can contribute vocally. And as we have come to expect their harmonies are tight. I wish they would put together an cd of just a cappella songs.

The itunes version has a bonus song, a cover of Sloop John B (which I think was a beach boys song) I cant help but grin through the entire song because it brings back memories of elementary school music class.

So far, my favorites are:

“The Best thing”
“Must Have Done Something Good”
“Up and Up”
“Sloop John B”

I love the guitar intro on “Bite My Tongue”
And to top it all off, “Deathbed” an eleven minute epic song has a solo by Swithfoot’s Jon Foreman. And anyone reading this should know by now that I love Switchfoot.

So there ya go, my two favorite bands working together.

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