That was almost pointless…

Well spring break is over. I did not get as much done as I planned on doing. Why? I guess if I am being honest I have a huge lazy streak. I did read one fun book and am now 1/2 way through another. So that was kind of productive even though it has nothing to do with homework.

I still have an 8 page paper due on Tuesday. I know what I am writing on and my outline takes up one page, not double spaced (it is a fairly detailed outline). As a result, I should be able to sit down for a few hours tomorrow and pound it out.

Uhm…I am excited for College Basketball this year. I am in a basket ball “pick’em” group but I tried to fill out my bracket this afternoon and it would not save…hope that problem is fixed soon.

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  1. mom

    Hey Debra, Hope you got a little sleep. We decided not to go get breakfast and stopped at church for dad to get some stuff so here I am checking all the blogs and stuff. Talk to you later. Love ya!

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