More madness…

I was just reading a fun little article on about how baseball players at spring training have all sorts of brackets going. The team they interviewed players from was the Mariners. My favorite quote is from Arthur Rhodes talking about the camaraderie that happens as everyone trash talks about NCAA basket ball. Rhodes says “It’s good. You get everyone in there together, and you take the young players’ money.” Made me laugh, especially the last part.

Hey…Whats going on with ohio state!?!?!? Xavier is beating them 61-59 with less then a minute. And that is even with Ohio State closing the gap iwn the last minute or so…I pick Ohio State to win this but….I cant say I would be super sad to see them loose….

CRAZYNESS!!!! THE INSANITY. Acually, I am not watching the game. My roomie said i could borrow her tv, but I should be doing homework. So the 3 point shot to tie it up…I “saw it” by a game cast update. Sometimes I wonder if it is more exciting to hit the refresh button..delayed suspense….. Wait a minute….I just found it on the RADIO!!!! sweet. I am listening to the games from here on out.

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  1. Crazy Carl

    Don’t worry I feel as if my bracket will be done this week. I’m looking forward to baseball season already!!

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