I am a smart person…really I am…

Or at least that is what I tell myself. The last few weeks, I have been in a state of fear every time I go to the grocery store. I am to scared to attempt the Library. Why? Because I keep setting off the “shop lifter detectors” It started a couple of Saturdays ago when, of all places, I walked into the post office. Yeah, a federal building, and set off the alarms. They just told me to come on in. (I guess this happens quite frequently, thus defeating the entire purpose)

After that it was the grocery store on my way into the store. I told the guy at the check out, he said it was probably my phone. Which I found really strange because my phone had never set anything off before.

After at least 4 total times setting off the alarms, I just could not figure out what the problem was.

Then I did my laundry. Turns out I had two relatively new pairs of jeans from the Gap. When I bought them, they deactivated them, but there is this label on the inside that says “please remove before wearing or washing” You are supposed to cut this label off. oops. Turns out I did not and that was the “anti theft” device that was setting off all the alarms.

I was quite relieved because I had started to wonder if it was some kind of medical item that is in me because of my heart surgeries. My roommie & I got a good laugh at me and my anti-theft-alarm-setting-off jeans.


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6 responses to “I am a smart person…really I am…

  1. Crystal

    That’s a funny story! Especially the part about thinking there was some sort of lost object in your body…I guess you never know.

  2. Vicky

    In your defense, they always put those labels in the most obscure places… so you won’t find them unless you turn your clothes inside out and examine them thoroughly. It seems to me if you aren’t suppose to wash them, they’d make sure it was a place you’d see before throwing them in the laundry.I never knew they were security devices though. I always thought they were those freshness packets that say “do not eat” like when you buy new shoes. Probably still a good idea not to eat it. :)I’m glad you figured out the problem and Chicago can take you off it’s 10 most wanted list.VickyPS– I’m a little concerned that the post office ignored the warning alarm. Not that you look like a threat to national security, but still…

  3. Deb

    You know, it was in an obscure place and I did have to turn the pants inside out. BUT the previous time I washed them, I also turned them inside out because with these pants, you are supposed to wash them that way to help keep the color.

  4. Deb

    Oh, as far as the “medical item” idea. Its not that there could be “lost items” its more like I know I have some metal in me that was used to set the breast bone which they (as you a nurse probably know) have to break in order to do an open heart surgery. Its always been there But I thought maybe they change the detectors and now it detected that.

  5. Just me

    Well, I’m glad you solved the mystery and are no worse for the wear. I would have liked to have been there! Love you!

  6. Lance

    That is really funny Deb!I am bummed that you figured it out so soon. Your story could have really gotten out of hand had it keep going.Could you imagine going to the doctor for this??? :-)I cant stop laughing really!Big Brother

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