High of 79

That’s right, Spring has most definitely sprung. Yesterday I did some reading while sitting out side in shorts and a tank top to soak up some sun.

Its a little humid too, which in combination with my slightly stuffed head, makes for a slightly more difficult time breathing. I took some Flonaze so hopefully, I will be on my way to an unstuffed head.

Right now, It is three in the afternoon, I am sitting on my bed and the sun is streaming in the window. The window is open too so there is a wonderful breeze. The way my room is set up, my bed kind of becomes a window seat. top of the bead is actually a couple of inches higher then the bottom of the windows (which line almost the entire wall that my bed is up against). I have to finish one paper and write another really short one. It kind of feels like writing a paper outside, minus the bugs and the bright sun causing me to squint.

Not much else going on here. Tons of homework. My bracket ended in a terrific crash. (yes, the tournament is still going, but all of my picks are done)

Oh, I am going to a Shane and Shane concert on Friday. Pretty stoked about that. The tickets were only 6 dollars and I just learned today that Shawn McDonald is opening. Should be a good show.

I was hoping to bbq today, but I think I am going to wait to use the bbq grill until we move. Then I can use it on the patio and it will not be all dirty for the moving process.

Ok, I need to go write those papers.

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One response to “High of 79

  1. mom

    Wow! Sounds like really nice wheather. We were at 29 this morning but now they tell me it is about 55. I am finishing up at work….stayed way longer they I intended…but I am not going right home anyway so my errand time is just a little shorter.Good talking with you….oh, and my bracket isn’t so good anymore either. Mom

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