ipod battery

I just finished installing a new battery for my ipod. It was super duper cheap to buy because I did the installation. My old battery was not working for more than an hour or so and that would just not do for my trip to the UK. Can you imagine a 15 hour flight (or so, not sure of the exact length) with only one hour of music???? or all the traveling within the countries…Me the person who loves music would have been extremely bummed.

Upon completing the installation of the battery, I exclaimed “Done! I am a Walker!” πŸ™‚


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2 responses to “ipod battery

  1. mom

    I’m proud of you girl! Walker or not, some of your brothers can be a little handy too.Love you,Mom

  2. Emily

    I got a replacement battery at http://www.ipodbatterydepot.com/ and replaced the ipod battery myself. Their instructions and videos were really easy to use. I checked and thier prices were really inexpensive and their quality seems to be great.

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