Great Show

I got back from the Shane & Shane concert about an hour and a half ago. WOW! It was fantastic. If you are not familiar with Shane & Shane, they are an acoustic duo that plays upbeat/rockish music, most of which is worship music. It was just a wonderful evening of worshiping God while being challenged and encouraged.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the pleasant surprise of the evening, a man named Phil Wickham. This guy’s voice is incredible!!!! (a mix of K-max, Bono, and Rufus Wainright) And his music is quite powerful as well. Someday when I have some spare money, his cd is the next I am going to purchase.

Ok, well my eyes are pretty shot, so I heading to bed.



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2 responses to “Great Show

  1. Crystal

    I was just checking out Phil Wickham (a very Jane Austen name by the way) online and I have to agree. He definitely sounds like Rufus Wainwright, particularly in I will wait for you there. But then Messiah started to play and suddenly he was Bono! Good call! I’m glad you had fun at Shane & Shane 🙂

  2. Deb

    I have to be honest, I did not come up with bono & rufus wainright… I read it some where and totally agreed. Although K-max was something I noticed at the concert, I can’t take credit for the other two. And yes, a very Jane Austen name, Mr. Wickham.

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