Tornado Watch

Tonight we had our first tornado watch of the season. I didn’t know until I got home at about 9:15 and saw my dad had left me a phone message. Where had I been? Up the Tower!!!!

There is a tradition at Wheaton College that when someone gets engaged they get to go to the bell tower at Blanchard. At the beginning of the year, we did not know of the tradition, so we jokingly asked our professor how could we get up to the bell tower. (It looked pretty cool and we had “made it our goal”). It was then that we found out you have to get engaged. The engaged couple can take a few friends with them.

At that point, my two roommates and I made an agreement that if any of us got engaged, we had to take the other two up the tower. We bought some sparkling cider and glasses to take with us if we got to go at some point during our time at Wheaton.

This was August and none of my two roommates or I were dating anyone.

Well since then one roommate started dating a guy from her church and just a couple of weeks ago, they got engaged! So tonight was the night. Where were we during the tornado watch? A the highest place possible to be in Suburbia.

We call Blanchard the castle building, and I occasionally have class there. We did not get to go to the very top outside where the bell actually is, that was locked up.

Here is a photo of Blanchard, my favorite building on campus.

Here is a photo of the four of us in the tower. (left to right, Sarah S., Me, Sarah G. and Scott)

You may be wondering about the “graffiti.” Couples write or paint their names and the date on the walls (or stairs or where ever). They also get to leave behind something that represents them.


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2 responses to “Tornado Watch

  1. Deb

    My favorite name on the picture is just to the right of Scott’s head. It says “Brian Beeson Still Single 4-20-01” I laughed so much after reading that. Way to go Brian Beeson wherever you are! (its in blue and you probably have to make the picture larger to see it)

  2. just Me

    Hey Debra, Great picture. Looks like you had fun. You would notice the Brian Beesons’ and I’m glad it gave you a good laugh! Take Care.

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