Wow, what a sad week. The tragic events that took place at Virgina Tech…I was at work Monday morning, where one of my tasks is to look for Wheaton in the news. Usually when I do this each Monday, inevitably, I also see the days headlines. Well this particular Monday, I must have finished early because someone else in our office came across what was going on first.

And tomorrow (4-20) the eighth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. Ever since then (I was a senior in high school at the time) I find myself thinking on occasion “if someone started shooting right now, what would I do?” I thought this at Rogers while finish up my last few weeks. I thought it at different places of employment over the years. Now I find myself thinking it here at Wheaton.

I wonder how anyone can deal with this without having the peace that goes hand-in-hand with knowing God is sovereign.

Tomorrow, I think I will join the nation and wear orange.



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2 responses to “speechless

  1. Mom

    Hey Debra, You sure are right about hand-in-hand with God. How do they do it? Have you read the family web about Naomi hiding in the closet? She attends Todd Beamer High School. Sad, very sad. Love you, Mom

  2. Deb

    yep, i saw that. wow.

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