Wrapping up

I have a final tonight. I think I have done a decent job preparing for it, so I am not worried about it. (last semester, I had one final that I felt totally unprepared for. Glad it is different this time around).

I also have a paper due tomorrow evening. I finished researching for it last night. The plan is that tonight after my final, (which means my evening class tonight will be shorter then it usually is) I will organize all my research into the outline. If I can do that, then I should have no problem writing the entire paper tomorrow. By the time I have all my research organized and I sit down to write a paper, I can usually do two pages an hour. SO, it should take me 5 hours tomorrow to write it. It might be pushing it a little, but the class does not start until 6:30 tomorrow evening.

After tomorrow night, just one more 8-10 page paper (due the 2nd) and packing up my house and moving on the first. It is actually looking quite manageable. Probably because the research is already done for my final paper.

Anyway, thats how the outlook is here. This last weekend we had mid 70’s and sunshine. I can’t wait until after May 2nd when I can enjoy the nice weather.

Well, I best be going…I have to be heading to work in a half hour. Have a fantastic day!


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9 responses to “Wrapping up

  1. just me

    Well, it sounds like you pretty much have everything under control. Enjoy!

  2. Deb

    Done! I just got back from taking my final (it only took a little over an hour to complete. I did well on the Essays and Fantastic on the multiple choice.

  3. Crazy Carl

    Hey are you coming back this summer?

  4. Deb

    I am only going to be back for Brent & Kristin’s wedding. About 5 days in July.Also… paper report: It is about noon and I have 6.5 pages done! Only 3.5 to go. I think I am now going to take a break and go eat lunch. The last few pages should be more easy to write as I go because they become more of my analysis then just research. And I have up to 12 pages to use so if I have to go over 10 pages, its ok. Alright now off to lunch!

  5. manxkme

    Where are you moving?

  6. Deb

    manxkme…I don’t know if you have ever posted comments on my blog before, may I inquire as to who you are?

  7. Nichole

    Oh my goodness.. I am laughing so hard. Manxkme is Nichole Gruber… also known as “new mommy with new mommy brain”Deb, I must have put the verification word in the name blank.John and I are laughing hard!! I am crying. Don’t fear, it is just your coo coo friend Nichole

  8. Deb

    no worries…I was just curious. Uhm…I am moving basically, down the street. Just a new house, same roomies with an additional 3 other girls.

  9. Deb

    Oh, And Nichole, I should have mentioned, it cracked me up too!!! As a girl finishing up papers/finals/and moving all at the same time, fatigue is setting in. I can only begin to imagine how it is for new Mommies!

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