Europe Trip

I just had a meeting this morning where I met the Professor from Moody in charge of the Europe Trip I am going on. I also met one of the “Wheaties” (did you know that’s what Wheaton students are called? And you just thought it was cereal). It is slowly sinking in that I am going on a crazy cool trip! We leave 4 weeks from tomorrow! I can’t wait.


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3 responses to “Europe Trip

  1. Vicky

    Yea!!! How exciting! I can’t wait to hear all your stories and see your pictures!

  2. Anonymous

    Ah, Dr. Litfin…Pay close attention, he will wear neatly pressed and ironed polos and shorts, and will likely disregard signs advising against photography. Other than that he’s a blast. Tell him I said hi.-TomP.S. If you see the monument to the Oxford Martyrs (Latimer, Ridley, & Cranmer) could you take a picture for me…unless you’re not supposed to, in which case I’m sure Dr. Litfin will get one anyway…

  3. just me

    Exciting Debra! Just 4 more weeks. Be sure to get plenty of help moving. Love you.

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