I just finished my last paper. I still need to do some final editing, but I am done writing it. It ended up being the longest paper I have written all year, 14.5 pages. I think it is probably my best paper so far for grad school…yes, even better than last semester’s Luther paper.

It is now about 11 pm and I was going to read a “fun” book before bed, but I packed them all. Then I thought that I could at least watch a movie for a while, but my computer only has a little bit of battery power left and I can’t plug it in because we are having a bit of an electrical storm. Then I thought well, I might as well print out my paper and have it all ready to edit tomorrow morning (you see, I have to print off of my desktop computer and I already packed up the monitor), but then I realized this was no good because I would have to plug in that computer to get it to work.

So maybe I will just lay here and listen to the thunder.

Tomorrow, I am finishing the paper and turning it in, along with my last remaining library books. I will pack up the pantry and kitchen. Finish up the bathroom stuff and any other little small things lying about plus my bedding. Maybe I will even take apart my bed tomorrow. That would not prevent me from still sleeping on the matresse…hum…Just a thought.

Ok, off I go to watch the lightning and listen to thunder….its about a mile and a half away right now. Good night.


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  1. just me

    You are something! Did you enjoy the thunder? I miss it. We had a great week-end and have a very busy week ahead, as it sounds like you do. Moving….hummm…fun?!?take care.

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