Done for real!

This morning, I unpacked my computer so I could print out my paper. Then I read it over, edited, and printed off the final product.

I headed over to school to turn it in, this is how it went.

*First I parked and headed into the BGC (BIlly Graham Center) to check my mail and turn in three books to the BGC library.
*Then I set out to walk up the hill to Blanchard.
*While Crossing the street, I met Maria. She was in her van and needed directions to a place on campus for a job interview. I explained where she could park and then waited for her to walk across campus. (the campus is a bit confusing and since I had time, I figured I would walk with her). She parked, right next to my car which I had parked about 10 minutes earlier, and we headed up the hill. Maria is from Chicago and has been without solid work for about 5 months. In that few minutes, it was great to get to know her and help her out in an obvious stressful situation. After making sure she was where she needed to be, I was off again to Blanchard.
*I went to the history department and turned in the final paper.
*I also took a moment to introduce myself to Nancy, the office coordinator for the history department. Nancy & I had emailed a couple of times for my job in marketing communications when Nancy was putting together a History Lecture Event.
*Then it was off to Buswell, the main library on campus. I turned in my last five books from my paper I just completed.
*On my way back down to the car, I stopped off at the bookstore and purchased two wheaton t-shirts from their end of the year sale extravaganza.
*I continued down the hill and ran into a guy from church. We chatted very briefly and I explained one part of the financial aid process (since I work there and that is where he was headed).
*Then I got to my car, but in the parking lot, I saw Maria (from the job interview). I pulled over, asked her how it went. She said it was quick and went well. I told her I would be praying for her and the hope that she gets this job. Then I was able to assist in pointing her in the right direction to the washrooms in the BGC and off I drove.
*after a quick drive to Wendys, I came home and ate lunch. Now here I am…about to start packing.

It has been a wonderful day so far. Hope yours is going as well.


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2 responses to “Done for real!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad you’re having a great day and happy for you that you are done. Good job! Kristin

  2. mom

    Hey Debra, I am very proud of you. Not only are you done, you were blessed by being so available to those around you! Way to Go!

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