Please Pray

If you happen to be reading this today, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. It is 1:30 am and I am supposed to be fast asleep. Later today (I am planning on getting up at 5:45 am) my roommates and I are moving. In addition to that, I have a very important phone call happening in the evening. Probably not the best activity on a day that I will be very tired, but your prayers are requested.

Regarding moving, Please pray that we have enough helpers show up and that it goes quick and smoothly. And that after moving, my roomies and I have the energy to clean our current home.

Second, please pray that I will have strength and energy for the phone call. That the conversation would be pleasing to the Lord and that any confusion would be avoided. Clear communication is a necessity in this case.

Thanks, And now I am off to hopefully fall asleep. (the anticipation of the phone call is keeping me awake).


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  1. just me

    Debra, You know we are praying. Please be careful as you work hard today. Being tired will take an extra toll and we love you too much to see you push yourself too hard. Always remember, none of this surprises our Awesome God. I’ll call again later.

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