Thank you

For all those who read the previous post and prayed for me yesterday, Thank you! Moving went pretty well. We had enough helpers show up to help us move, especially all of our heavy furniture. There were very few snags (the big one being my wardrobe that in the fall, my parents & I built into my room. We could get it out of the room, but not down the stairs. I had to take it apart).

Though by the end I was completely exhausted, I was able to take about a 2.5 hour nap and we will continue in the cleaning the old house/setting up the new house today.

More importantly, the phone call went well. As tired as I was, I knew there was a small army of people praying. (I probably received about 15 emails related to people just wanting me to know they were praying and I know there were many more beyond that). Though the phone call was difficult, I really think both parties were honest and able to communicate clearly. I know on my end of the conversation, there were a couple of times when it was the Lord’s words were coming out of my mouth instead of anything I was trying to say. SO there ya have it. Again, THANK YOU and PRAISE the LORD!


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