I grilled again today. This time it was some type of beef marinate from the store. AND corn on the cob!!!! (tasty) I purchased, for less than 5 dollars, some proper grilling utensils which were very helpful and I added a couple match-light coals to the pile so it was much easier to get the coals going.

I am almost finished with my Yancey book. It is so challenging/inspiring/encouraging all in one. Makes me want to sit down with paper and pencil and just start writing everything and anything I think about.

He is so relatable, its quite unbelievable. I just googled him and was reading some articles. Here is a quote that I found that made me laugh. Yancey says, “We were living in Wheaton, Illinois, the white-bread heart of evangelicalism before they discovered Colorado Springs…” Tell me about it… Can you believe he needed to get out of suburbia, so he moved downtown. After several years there, he realized he could not hear himself think, so he headed west to Colorado.

At one point in his book he starts talking about how one observes nature in Illinois. (What’s he supposed to do go outside and walk around in corn fields!?!?!) Then he explains how he decided for 30 minutes a day he would walk on the Illinois Prairie Path, the same path that I could look at from my old room. Reading this book feels like observing my life lived by someone just a 30 years ahead of me!

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