The one week count down

One week from now, I will be on a British Airways Plane. (or at least sitting in the airport waiting to board one). I assume I have a lot to do before I get to that point, I just haven’t figured out yet what all needs to be done this week to be ready to go.

I have a blow-up travel pillow. Plenty of memory space for my digital camera. A new battery for my ipod. (although I probably need to get some type of adapter so I can recharge it for the trip home. Right? I need an adapter for over there? Not sure.) Head phones that work so I can listen to music on the plane and on the bus rides. A couple of books I would like to read in specific places. A note book to write in.

I have not yet decided one bag or two. I got a new luggage bag that is a little smaller than my huge one and it is much lighter. (the old one had a developed a big hole by one part of the zipper. Not reliable). I may take a small bag too so that If I buy a bunch of things, I have a way of getting them home…not sure yet what I will do. I am hoping to do laundry at least one time while over there so I dont have to actually pack for 17 days.

Any suggestions from all of you world travelers? What am I forgetting? Any travel tips that would be helpful to know? I have traveled a bit, but never overseas and never for a 17 day trip where we will not be staying in one place longer than 4 days. So anything that you would like to share, click on the “comment” link and post away!

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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s my advice…Pack enough stuff to survive for 2-3 days out of your backpack, and be sure to put all prescription stuff in there…also, make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in there. If you want to do laundry, your best bet is to pack a bunch of clothes that are light and will dry quickly if you hang them up in your room (i.e. NOT jeans) Also, a really light water-resistant jacket and a baseball-type hat is good to have for when it rains. In general, go for comfort over style…i.e. walking shoes. If you tend to get thirsty, a water bottle beats shelling out lots of cash at little shops for drinks. You will need a power converter for charging the ipod and/or your camera batteries, I think I have one if you want to borrow it. Also, if you’re planning on buying a lot of stuff, make sure that you’ll stay below the max weight limit on a national flight (the limits are much lower than transcontinental limits…i think some might be as low as 50 lbs. depending on the airline). Also, I’d recommend using a debit/credit card wherever possible, and if you absolutely need cash just use an ATM…that way you can save yourself from waiting in those horrible tourist-trap lines at the airport and such. Thats all I’ve got…and this is the longest comment ever…Tom

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