Mariners Lost :(

It was a fun day even though the Mariners did not win.

Here I am in the driveway on the beginning of my trip. First I had to walk to the metra (commuter train) to go downtown. After that I had to catch the red line (subway) to wrigleyville. I noticed an older couple and their granddaughter dressed in cubs shirts and hats when I got on the Metra. While walking to the subway I saw them again and asked if they were going to the cubs game. When they said yes, I kind of asked if it was ok if I just followed them to the red line. Upon talking, they mentioned that they just returned on Tuesday from a trip to the UK & Ireland. We determined that we were not on the same flight Tuesday, but while in England, Wales, and Ireland, we went to many of the same places.

The Famous sign outside Wrigley.

These guys were playing some tunes while fans were going into Wrigley.

I had a bit of an obstructed view. Most of the time I was able to lean forward and see what was going on at second base.

And here I am. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the flash on.

One other thing of note, the Fray (a band I really like) played a show in Chicago yesterday so they happened to be the guest conductors for “take me out to the ballgame” in the seventh.

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One response to “Mariners Lost :(

  1. Katie

    I have to admit, there is nothing like a game at Wrigley field.

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