My trip in Pictures

Ok, it has been difficult picking out the best pictures and stories to share, but here are a few.

This first picture was taken on the stairs of St. Paul’s in London. We had just gone to Evensong.

On our first day seeing the sights, we headed over to Westminster Abbey. As you can see, this is a photo of Big Ben and the London Eye. When heading to Westminster, you get out of the tube and Big Ben is the first thing you see. Also, I believe the building on the left is Parliament. When the news goes to a political correspondent here in the US, they are usually reporting from Washington. In the UK, they would be reporting from Westminster.

This is a photo of me by the Tower of London, the first castle that we were able to visit.

Here is the London Tower Bridge (not the London Bridge as it is often called by mistake). For some reason, this photo looks like I am standing infront of a picture of the Bridge, not the actual bridge, but I assure you, it is real.

This one is a manor home called Bosworth Hall. It was our hotel for 4 nights. The grounds around the hotel were wonderful and so it was fun to explore them. Bosworth also has a little parish church next door where we attended services on one sunday and then later used during our stay for a time to get together as a group and have some worship music and prayer time.

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