Here are some more photos

Here are a couple of more photos from my UK trip. None of the photos on this post were taken by me. Our UK crew set up a site that we can share pictures with each other which is fantastic especially for group photos. You just can’t take a picture with 20 cameras each time.

This first picture makes me laugh so much. We were doing a “Smile big kids were in the dungeon” photo at Warwick castle. I have no idea what Paul is doing (tall man in the back).

In this one Aaron and Paul are pretending to preach at John Wesley’s church. Fortunately for us, we got several pictures of all the preachers-in-learning from our group posing as such prior to the little man running the place coming out and telling us we could not be at the pulpit.

This is the group of us who hiked on the first day in the Welsh mountains.

Here is a sign we saw on a church in Chester. We think it was on a door that was leading down to some type of cross or something.

This is our group at warwick castle. Unfortunately, Susan is not in the picture because she was taking the photo. Other than Susan, this picture has everyone one else from the trip.

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