Welcome home "Junior"

Yes, I know he hated that nick name, but Ken Griffey Jr. Is returning to Seattle on Friday for the first time since he was traded in 1999.

Griffey is a HUGE part of the Mariners history. Some even credit him for the reason that Baseball is still in Seattle and for the building of Safco Field. He requested a trade to be closer to his family, who can blame him?

“The Mariners would love a base hit into the gap. With Juniors speed they could win it…And the 0-1 pitch on the way to Edgar Martinez swung on and lined down the left field line for a base hit. Here comes Joey. Here is Junior to third base. Their gonna wave him in! The throw to the plate WILL…BE…LATE! THE MARINERS ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! I DON”T BELIEVE IT! IT JUST CONTINUES! MY OH MY!” (final play in the 1995 5 game playoff series with the NY Yankees as called by Dave Neuhaus)

I was upset in 1999 when he left, but now it seems ok. He is a pure player. Back in the day they talked about how he was going challenge Hank Aaron’s home run record (755). After all these years, Griffey has missed so many games due to injury. 150 with the M’s and 350 with the Reds. Its such a shame as he ONLY has 582 which is one behind McGwire on the all-time career home runs list. In the era of steroids, I have no idea where Griffey personally falls, but he just seems to be a pure baseball player. I could care less about Bonds.

Anyway, be sure to catch the return of Griffey to “the house that Junior built” Safeco Field as inter-league play continues and the Reds come to town.



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2 responses to “Welcome home "Junior"

  1. Deb

    One more thing about the Mariners. I knew Weaver was having a terrible start. What I did not realize is that yesterday was his first win. Are you kidding me!?!?! It is already the end of june and he did not have a single win!?!?!

  2. Katie

    It’s a love fest here in Seattle. We heard a replay of his speach this morning in the car. Very Cool! Maybe we’ll se him in an M’s uni before too long?

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