Sale & Driving

Two days ago, I went to the store and purchased 5, 12-packs of pop. Three coke and two ginger ale. Why? Because I got it all for $10. It was 4 for 10, buy 4 get one free. I could not help myself.

When I was trying to take the pop into the house, I dropped one 12 pack of ginger ale on the porch. Something broke in box busted open and fizzed out everywhere. Good thing I was out side and good thing it turned out to only be one can.

Other than that, not much has been happening here. This evening I watched Driving Miss Daisy. I love that movie! Such great music too.

It has been warm here. At one point it was 88 degrees and felt like 94 according to the heat index. This afternoon we had a few thunder shower move through pour buckets of rain. I guess some places had some flooding problems. Due to my years in Edmonton, I have experienced my glasses fogging up because of the cold. Well this morning I got out of my car (with a/c) and it was so muggy outside my glasses started fogging up. Tonight it felt like a jungle out there.

Ok, time to head to bed.


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