Internet? At my house? WOW!

So we have Internet access now…and oddly enough, cable. Although I still type this while at work, eating lunch.

I went to Holland MI this last weekend to attend a Taylor UC friend’s wedding. It was wonderful to see everyone and getting to celebrate their marriage.

The train ride was awesome. Picture this…Flying down the tracks, on a great American train ride, while listening to music from Driving Miss Daisy. I don’t know much, but I do know how to make some pretty stellar play lists. My “driving” (or in this case train riding) music selection is fantastic.

Now I am back at the normal schedule for a week and a half before I head back to P-town for the wedding. Counting down…only 6 days of work left. I can’t wait to see everyone. My schedule is pretty jam packed…two days of Dr. appts in Seattle, one eye doctor visit, one day spend for the wedding, one rehearsal and dinner, one family BBQ, one Sunday morning at church…I think this leaves me about 6 free minutes somewhere between the eye doctor visit and a family gathering 🙂 Anyway, lunch is almost over so see ya!


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