Order of the Phoenix

I just got home from watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (HP 5).

Here are some brief thoughts on the movie….Actually, first I must comment on the book. For whatever reason, the Order of the Phoenix (OotP) is my favorite HP book so far and I have read all 6 that are currently out.

That being said, the movie was definitely entertaining. It has some extremely dark scenes (which every HP readers expect) as well as some pretty funny lines. The comic relief was well placed, inserting humor, but not at inappropriate times in the middle of a dark scene (which is done sometimes in movies and then doesn’t fit at all).

The movie was “short” as far as HP films go. Some elements were obviously missing from the film for the sake of condensing the movie. OotP is the longest HP book, yet I believe this was the shortest film so far. The elimination of some plot lines made the story a little choppy and for those who have not read the book, it might be a little hard to follow.

One of the BEST things about the film was seeing London and recognizing certain places and things. I could not help myself, I had to lean over to one of my friends and say “I’ve been there!”

I would liked to have seen more Serious Black and Snape as they were both fantastic on the screen.

The theater we went to was filled with teens and it made for a chummy audience. It is no secret that Harry gets to kiss a girl in this film. At this moment in time, the theater erupted into applause. The theater also rang with applause when Nevil Longbottom was finally successful in “stupefying” one of his classmates. I have only experienced this in a few other occasions (when the death star is destroyed and when Seabiscuit won).

So yeah, if you have read and enjoyed HP 5, I recommend the film. If you have only seen the movies 1-4, I recommend watching it, although the plot may be a tiny bit confusing. If you have neither seen nor read books 1-4….don’t go. Rent them (or borrow in dvd or book form from your local library) then go see 5.

Finally, Luna Lovegood TOTALLY reminded me of one of my friends from home, but I won’t point fingers or name specifics. 🙂


Ok, its after 11 (actually, its my “birthday time”) and my eyes are extremely tired. Night!


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4 responses to “Order of the Phoenix

  1. Vicky

    Thank you for reviewing without revealing. I’m looking forward to seeing it soon… I’m in the middle of re-reading book 5, and I also need to re-read book 6 before book 7 arrives (the 9 more sleeps thing kinda stressed me out) 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!

  2. Deb

    I wish i had my copy of 6 to re-read but it is in WA. ;(I am currently on the phone with boarders…trying to figure out this pre-order thing… Bummer, they will only hold it for the 21st which means I can’t preorder just in case there are no copies on the 22. (21 is wedding day so that comes before HP)

  3. Vicky

    Order it on Amazon… if you pay for shipping, they guarantee same day delivery. It’s the same price (plus a few bucks for shipping) as borders.

  4. Deb

    Genius! Done. It should arrive at my folks door on wedding day! (so I can read it on the plane ride home.) Thanks.

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