This evening I played the role of Sherlock

For several months now, I have been loving my Macbook. The biggest drawback is that I do not have a printer for it. I do have a dell printer that works on my PC, but Dell does not create drivers for Mac OS X operating systems.

Tonight I decided to dedicate some time to figuring this out and I made some interesting discoveries. First, my Printer is a Dell 720, (so supposedly, I can only order ink from Dell). BUT I just found out that it is really a Lexmark Z600! Lexmark made it, sold it to Dell, then Dell sells it (or in my case gives it with a computer purchase) to unsuspecting customers.

I was able to get on Lexmark’s website and download what appeared to be a driver for my Z600 for Mac OS X. It downloaded and I clicked on it and installed something…but I am still not quite sure how to get my printer to work. When I go to add printer, it will not find the driver that I supposedly just downloaded. So Sherlock is in need of some help from Watson (or perhaps I am Watson and you out there in Internet land are Sherlock holding the final key to this printer driver mystery).

Any suggestions?

A step forward in my quest for a driver….Oh to be able to print directly from my mac without transfering documents via thumb drive to my desktop…Is that too small to ask.

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