An Evening In Gotham

We had fun downtown. Not only did we get to see the batmobile & the jokermobile, we actually spotted the Joker! Along with seeing these things, we saw a handful of other Gotham City vehicles like cabs, SWAT cars, police cars, and a garbage truck.

Mostly, they were filming stunt driving so we saw the batmoblle peel out and speed down the road a couple of times.

It was a great time.

I took this one:

My roomie took this one:

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  1. mom

    Debra,I think it’s great you get to see the filming. Do you remember the picture we have of you and Lance in the Batmobile. We went to the car show downtown Chicago and they let you kids sit in the car and take pictures. That was pretty cool too! I’ll look for it.

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