Wedding time!

Ok, so I am now back in Chi-town. Sorry to those who I was not able to see! IT was a crazy busy which was fun, but sad that I could not hang out with everyone 😦

My cardiology appointments went well; I got new glasses; hung out a bit with my super cute nieces; participated in a fun wedding; wore the tallest shoes I have ever worn in my life; and got to sing on the worship team at church. Not to mention seeing an aunt & uncle, grandparents and a cousin that I have not seen in years.

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding day. My uncle took a few with my camera since I was busy all day being in the wedding, but I haven’t put those on my computer yet. SO, these are from a few my Sister-in-law took.

It was a bit rainey on the day of the wedding so we were fortunate that the matron of Honor purchased 5 pink umbrellas just in case. They ended up being great accessories.

The Wedding Party

My Family

Here is a fun one of my dad. They took a series of photos of him doing “singing in the rain” but this one reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.


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