Yes, sometimes I call radio stations

Tonight I listened to about half of the M’s game. After the game I was supposed to be going to bed but for some reason I decided to try and call KOMO and talk to the people on the Mariners Post game show. The M’s played the white sox so I thought “if I can get through on the phone line and say I am calling from Chicago, they got to let me on.”

So I called.

And I got on.

First I had to explain that while I was calling from Chicago, I have lived here about a year and am really from P-town. Then I dropped in a “Yeah, my little bro went to the game tonight so if your listening, Hi Tim”

I then went to my main point, which is as follows: Ok, Wildcard is great. Sure, its nice to stay in front of the Yankees, or whoever else is right there, but similar to ’95, we need to focus on the Angles. “We can take ’em,” I said.

In reply they (there were 3 people doing the post game) told me I was the “2007 Jay Buhner” I said I would take that as a complement, but then they told me it means I need to shave my head (M’s fans will understand this comparison). I said I don’t know about that. We all laughed at this.

They then proceeded to ask what takes me to Chicago. I said school, they asked where. I said Wheaton College, doing an M.A. One guy, Probably Valley, recognized the school, asked me what I am taking. “Religion in American Life” He replied “that’s great.” The three then started commenting something like “she’s smarter then the three of us put together,” I just laughed at this point.

I then commented on how it’s hard to not be home rooting for the M’s with everyone else. I said I will probably move more west and can hopefully take in some more games in the future. How the only M’s game I have been to was at Wrigley, which was pretty cool.

They asked if I was listening online. To which I said yes, but while they have been playing the Sox, I have been able to catch a bit on TV. I pointed out how the announcers keep commenting on the amazing weather in Seattle, which frustrates me because Seattle is always nice in the summer.

They ended the conversation by wishing me well, telling me to take advantage of living in a two baseball team town (to which I reply “yeah and Lou Piniella”. They said Thanks for the call, call back any time. “Will do,” I replied. And with that it was over.

It must have been a good 30 seconds to a minute…definitely the longest I have talked on the radio (and I have probably been on the air at least 5-10 times).

Immediately after, I called my dad. When he answered I was like “turn on the radio.” We all know there is a delay and I hoped he would pick up quick enough to hear the tail end, but it was too late anyway. We chatted for a moment. Then I called Tim. YES! He and a friend were driving home and heard me talk. He had even called a left me a voice mail, but I was talking to my dad. To my relief, he confirmed that I did not sound like an idiot. And now it is 1 am and I don’t know how I will fall asleep.

That was my adventure for the evening.

Other than that, I spent about 6 hours helping a friend move today. I am tired and sore. Maybe that will help me sleep. Night.



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2 responses to “Yes, sometimes I call radio stations

  1. Vicky

    I was at that game!!! It was awesome– lots of excitement offensively and defensively (RAUUUUUL). It’s always nice when there’s a lot of action in the game. I’m bummed that I didn’t turn on the postgame show on the way home… I could have been like, “Hey, that’s my friend Debra!”I also totally agree on the wildcard/ win the west thing! I was watching the out of town scoreboard during batting practice– we gained a game on the angels last night (yea Boston)!If you are ever in town during baseball season, we MUST go to a game together 🙂

  2. sarah marie

    My cousin is a celebrity!!!!

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