books, books, books, and more books

I have now purchased all the books I need for this upcoming semester. I saved money because I bought each one one line most being at least a couple of dollars cheaper even when I factored in shipping.

Classes begin one week from tomorrow. I am pretty excited for this term because: 1. I am excited about all three classes and 2. After this semester I will have my Masters Degree completed.

They told me this was a fast program and boy they weren’t kidding.

I also got my other school supplies today (binders and paper and pens) so I am almost ready to go. I think I just need to pick up a parking permit.

Other than that, (and more importantly) if you did not know, Lance & Katie and the girls are on a road trip right now. Lance is visiting customers and the family is going along for the ride. As a result, yesterday took them through the Chicago area so it was wonderful to see them. I got to show them my where I live and point out a few places around town. We went out for REAL Chicago pizza (completely different than Papa Murphy’s take and bake) for dinner. So yeah, it was pretty cool having family in town even for just the afternoon. Only downside being that it reminds me how much I miss everyone.


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