Wicked Weather

Today we had a wild bout of weather. At lunch, I looked online at the radar to see if any rain was coming in and there were some large sections of very hard rain coming. Around 3:15 or so, the wind started kicking up and the rain came. It was so black, I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark in the middle of the day due to rain.

Right in the middle of helping a student, our power went out. It came on shortly later. I booted up the computer, logged in got to the screen I needed saw what I was looking for to help the student right before the power went out again. (Some would be proud, this student was from Detroit, so as I waited for the computer to bootup, we talked hockey). The power kept coming on & off, then when out for a long time.

Finally someone came down the hall and told us there were severe storm warnings and we needed to get downstairs away from windows. So off we went. It is the first day of new student orientation, so there were students, parents, and workers all hanging out in the hallways. I ended up in a nice section of the building that had a few emergency lights and an nearby office that had brought out some chairs.

After the main storm passed, we headed back up stairs to finish working for the last hour of the day.

I made it home fine although there were several places that did not have power at the traffic lights. My house has power, but here we are at 5:40 and they just put up some more severe weather warnings. I hear the thunder coming. All I can say is it is great that the new place I live has a basement.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m so glad you are okay. After seeing the news tonight I wondered if you were affected.It is hard to believe you have been in Chicago a year already.It sure was great seeing you this summer. Have a great semester. Love ya, Aunt Chris

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