one final note on weather

Ok, they are certain a tornado touched down. It touched down about 6.5 miles from where I live and I believe the path it traveled took it to somewhere around 3-3.5 miles from where I live. It was a category 1 but caused a lot of damage. Tons of trees came down. In addition to the tornado, they think there were a couple of microbursts. Several places still don’t have power.



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2 responses to “one final note on weather

  1. Deb

    No Church today. Power was out. Actually, it came on about an hour before church would have started but word had already gone out that we weren’t meeting and I don’t think at that point they could have “thrown together” a service espeically since many in the body had been dealing with power outages and storm cleanup since thursday.

  2. Crystal

    Hi, glad you are safe 🙂 Crazy weather though!

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