I watched Cops this evening. I was flipping through the channels and thought I would pause for a moment and see if they were wearing “pierce county” badges. Yep. And even more than that it was the “south hill precinct.”

In other more productive news, I have 13 books to read for this semester. I am pleased to report I just finished one of them, a fantastic 370 page book called “Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church.” The author, Dr. James Ault spends three years in a Baptist church studying its members, eventually making a documentary. He gives a very balanced view of the individuals, their faith, and their actions. I would highly recommend it. In addition to being an interesting topic that is written about very judiciously and with great discernment, it reads like a novel.


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  1. Katie

    I saw a cops once that was filmed in milton. They caught a guy trying to steal a cow. 🙂

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