Go Hawks!!!!

Just under an hour until kick off. Go Seahawks!!! Oddly enough, I think that the game of football is steadily becoming more enjoyable to me. In the past I would make comments about how it is a “dumb game” and Brent would tell me if I understood the game better (knew more of the rules etc.) I would like it much more. In the past few years I have slowly started watching and listening to more games. I believe Brent was right. It is not on par with Hockey nor does it even come close to baseball, but I like it.

This year I am even in a Fantasy football league (Thanks Katie!) so that will make may attention even more!

So today, its time to Hoist the Seahawk 12th man flag and create havoc on the Buccaneers ship. (For those who do not know, Seattle is taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 3 CT.)

Other than that…10 days until one of my favorite days of the year. What day is that? Well Maties, I will leave you guessing for a while.


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