Hey….New Safari, New Options

Ok, so I just got the new version of Safari and it has all the new options (video, bold, etc.) and the spell check even works! Alright!

Obviously, I had something to say that brought me to Blogger before I noticed the nice features on new safari (I tried to get to blogger on FireFox, but it quit responding again!) BUT, I don’t remember what I was going to type. I have class tonight. I did not finish the reading, nor do I think I will. You just can’t do it all. Sometimes my brain needs a break and this time around, It was NT theology textbook reading that got left out.

I turned in my first book review/paper today. I think it was ok. I realized that for my Religion & Politics class, we have to read 4 books, plus selected chapters from the textbook and a few article hand outs. Well, the book review due today was on the second book. Plus, I have already read a third one for the class….that leaves me with only one more book to read and I think it is not until November. Perfect! after the super crazy month of October. I should be going…I do have some things to get done before class.


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  1. Mitchell Scott

    I love Safari 3! I used to use Firefox, but I haven’t used it since Safari 3 came out. It’s wonderful.

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