…Go cubs go!

Ok, first things first. I am sad the M’s are out. I cheered for them, I listened to games on the radio, on the internet, I watched games on tv, I even went to Wrigley by my self just to see them play. I have a mariners sign hanging in my car (which plan to take down and replaces with a “go hawks” sign). I called the station to top it all off when they were fantastic in August. Yes, I am bummed they lost and fell out of the playoff chase.

That being stated, I was in downtown Chicago tonight with some friends. we were near by Wrigleyville having coffee, so after we got outside, we noticed that the Cubs must have clenched the division. So we walked down to Wrigley. The people were pretty mild, but our section of the sidewalk did get cleared out by some very intimidating police on horses. Flags waving, people cheering, horns honking. It was fun to see. I took a photo of the famous Wrigley Field sign with the “Chicago Cubs are the 2007 National League Central Champions” but it was with my phone. Because it is on the phone it is impossible to read and I cannot even send it to my computer. It was still fun to see.


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