My Best Effort Yet

Well, Here it is.  Its ok.  It took me a handful of tries due to weird computer glitches.  I think my hard drive is getting too full.  Although, I am getting a little better at using the video editing program.  Enjoy!


Filed under harry potter, literature, movie

2 responses to “My Best Effort Yet

  1. Deb

    And as expected, after I finish editing, turn it into a video, post it, thats when I notice a goof. 🙂 Did you see which picture is in there twice?

  2. Vicky

    Thank you Debra! I loved it! Pictures of the UK, Harry Potter music, and a book review… all very nice. I enjoyed Deathly Hallows and thought it wrapped everything up nicely.Now, you may go back to studying… I won’t request any more epic movies. 🙂

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