No matter what happens with job interviews and future decisions, I am moving out of my current house come end of december. The lease is up and I opted not to renew it. This leaves me the challenge of “what do I do with all my stuff?”

After talking to my brother and listening to his suggestion, I have listed my couch (yes, the beloved, green, retro, super comfy couch) on craigslist. Hopefully it will sell, which will earn me a little cash and eliminate the “what do I do with it” problem.

I am also considering listing the wardrobe I purchased from IKEA. I really like it, but its too big and heavy to move. I never put the back paneling on it when I moved into this house, so it is a bit wobbly, but I still have the backing. I figure it just needs to be attached and then it will not wobble at all. The hardest part is figuring out how much its reasonable (not to high, not to low) to list for a price.

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