Puyallup in the World Series

So, the dude pitiching for the Red Sox, Jon Lester, is from Puyallup. I just heard them say “puyallup” on espn radio and I was SHOCKED! Bellarmine Prep Academe.

so yeah, just kind of a surprise to hear that randomly on the radio. Go ROCKIES!!!


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5 responses to “Puyallup in the World Series

  1. Vicky

    Yes, he’s from Puyallup… and here’s hoping he gets a no decision (since he’s now out of the game and the Rockies are in need of a comeback). I’m glad he won’t get the loss… I was feeling kinda bad that I was rooting against my fellow Puyallupite.Question: Did the announcers pronounce Puyallup correctly? 🙂

  2. Deb

    yes, they did pronounce it right. Amazing! and they are even guys from the east coast.bummer about the end results of the game though.

  3. Katie

    Deb, did you spell academy like you were from Canada??

  4. Deb

    🙂 I think I got that from somewhere online. Oops. I am not sure, is that the Canadian spelling?

  5. Crystal

    Hi, am I the token Canadian reader? 🙂 I haven’t seen ‘academe’ spelled like that before BUT (geek alert) I just looked it up on dictionary.com and Academe is NOT a synonym for academy. Academe is pronounced ak-uh-deem and means the academic world/community, a place of instruction or a person living in the university environment. Pretty close to academy but a little different. And who knew I would learn something tonight? Guess it adds a little colour 😉 to my life!

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